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How Educators Can Navigate Today’s Study Trends
4 days ago
Textbook publishers are making progress on shifting their businesses from print to mostly digital products. Now comes the hard part: figuring out how to reverse revenue declines when your business is (more...)
7 days ago
Former Stanford University (CA) registrar Tom Black once described the traditional college transcript as "the record of everything the student has forgotten."   Read (more...)
7 days ago
Personalized learning, which tailors educational content to the unique needs of individual students, has become a huge component of K–12 education. A growing number of college educators are (more...)
7 days ago
With the rising popularity of P2P (person-to-person) payments through sites such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Zelle and Venmo, digital disbursements have become to millennials what cash and checks (more...)
7 days ago
Rebecca Stout remembers the time she got a call from Saudi Arabia at midnight from one of her online students looking for help on an assignment.   Read (more...)
7 days ago
As part of an innovative initiative to gather data on how students’ engage with Alexa and encourage students to build Alexa skills, Arizona State University (ASU) has partnered with Amazon to put (more...)
1 week ago
For college freshmen, the transition to campus life can be rather daunting. From fitting into the social scene to academic pressures, there’s a lot on the plate of a first-year student.   (more...)