6 growing trends taking over academic libraries
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Networked Projectors on Campus: Best Practices
4 days ago
The business of audiovisual has come a long way, baby. What used to be a department in charge of the film collection and movie projectors has now morphed into an organization that addresses (more...)
1 week ago
Of all the areas where virtual reality technology is now being used, VR may hold the most promise in education. By enabling immersive experiences, VR can engage students’ imaginations in ways (more...)
2 weeks ago
A planned computer science lab renovation recently gave St. Norbert College the perfect opportunity to rethink how a computer lab should function for students. To get started, our IT staff met with (more...)
2 weeks ago
A new survey reveals that that Apple devices may just be easier to manage than other devices–and user preference seems to be a driving force behind higher adoption rates.   Read (more...)
2 weeks ago
A number of factors, including lack of guidance and management issues, are leading educators to restrict students’ access to 3D printers, according to a survey from Y Soft Corporation, an (more...)
2 weeks ago
The first ever AV/IT Rankings program: the deadline for universities and university departments, AV integrators, AV designers, architects, and AV, Digital Signage, and AV/IT solution providers to (more...)
2 weeks ago
Students with disabilities are now just as likely as other students to enroll in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields when they enter higher education, recent research from the (more...)