ASU Partners with ANC on New Video Display
IoT and Smart Partnerships Shape the Future of Printing at Universities
IoT takes control of colleges
6 days ago
The days of teaching with the bright glare of the projector directly in the eyes of professors and teaching assistants are over. With the advent of high-quality short-throw projectors, they can relax (more...)
2 weeks ago
This past weekend, the NYTimes ran a big story about How Google Took Over the Classroom.   That “classroom” will not be found in higher ed.   Read (more...)
2 weeks ago
Someone looking in on Bill McCaw’s educational leadership class at the University of Montana might see students talking in small groups, or peers helping each other on assignments. It’s an (more...)
2 weeks ago
Though colleges have found a number of uses for 3D printers, from creating toys and art to building models of molecules, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is among the first to make strides in (more...)
3 weeks ago
New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) has a long history as a hotbed of creativity, but even seasoned staff like Jana Duda, the technology resources manager at FIT’s Gladys Marcus (more...)
4 weeks ago
Just like the diverse student body and teaching staff at today’s colleges and universities, classrooms, lecture halls and other teaching spaces are equipped with a variety of AV gear. The (more...)
1 month ago
Colleges are eager to put drones to use both inside and outside the classroom, but federal agencies and university risk managers are taking a cautious approach before opening the airspace above (more...)