The ‘Experience Lab’: Rethinking Traditional Laboratory Spaces
Case Western Med School Calls on Microsoft Surface Hub to Further Collaboration
Telepresence technology taking hold in classrooms
2 weeks ago
As recent high school graduates prepare for their migration to college in the fall, one item is sure to top most students’ shopping wish lists: a laptop computer. Laptops are ubiquitous on (more...)
2 weeks ago
Makerspaces are quickly becoming a staple of the K–12 school environment, but with universities’ access to resources and innovative research, higher education institutions are also in a great (more...)
3 weeks ago
Too many discussions of edtech focus on tools (like tablets, clickers, learning-management systems, smart boards, etc). More thought should be spent on the design of the classroom itself.   (more...)
4 weeks ago
Think of how many devices you have connected to the internet. Now multiply that, and perhaps even more, by the whole world.   Read (more...)
1 month ago
I’m a big believer in 1:1 (one-to-one) technology programs. In my experience, good things happen when everyone is working with the same tools.   Read (more...)
1 month ago
Most colleges and universities are thinking and acting strategically regarding their digital learning initiatives. Most cover digital learning in their school's strategic plan, and a large number (more...)
1 month ago
IU is ramping up its facilities to foster more student collaboration on campus. Read how they are redesigning classrooms with active learning in mind.   Read (more...)