When Australia’s University of Technology Sydney (UTS) set about building the largest teaching laboratory in the Southern Hemisphere, providing individualized lecture AV to 220 students was one of their biggest concerns.


“If we hadn’t found Maevex we would have had to go point to point,” says UTS AV project manager Rob Hardy, “When we first started investigating solutions for this lab it was going to be prohibitively expensive with 220 decoding positions.”


Encoding and streaming at 12 individual teaching positions, each Matrox Maevex encoder can stream across the network to any of the 220 HP all-in-one touch screen computers at each student station. Working with the ubiquitous H.264 standard, the Maevex was able to be decoded by VLC software on the student PCs.


“Maevex can stream to an unlimited number of endpoint locations,” explains Matrox’s Mark Bush. “Because we’re using an open standard you can set an IP address, use VLC, and decode in software using the [GPU of the] PC. Pretty much any modern PC can decode at high quality.”


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