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The AV/IT College Standings Program—Open for Submission
Bringing Connectivity to the Millersville University
6 months ago
Last week, IBM, in partnership with Apple positioned its Watson analytics platform for the K-12 education market with the launch of the Watson Element for Educators app. (more...)
9 months ago
9 months ago
When Australia’s University of Technology Sydney (UTS) set about building the largest teaching laboratory in the Southern Hemisphere, providing individualized lecture AV to 220 students was one of (more...)
11 months ago
Medgar Evers College was founded as a result of collaborative efforts by community leaders, elected officials, the Chancellor and the Board of Higher Education of The City University of New York. The (more...)
12 months ago
The book Drones in Education is now available. The book, written by Chris Carnahan, Laura Zeiger, and Kimberly Crowley, was created for instructional designers and educators looking to use drones as (more...)
1 year ago
While video is increasingly important in meetings these days, Rob Houston, product manager for unified communications at Biamp Systems, argues that without solid audio, there’s little chance people (more...)
1 year ago
The statistic most often cited to support classroom polling is that the average human’s attention span begins to fade after 20 minutes. Few could pass a quiz on where this metric originated, but it (more...)