Notre Dame Selects ANC For First Major Video Display
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Carnegie Mellon U Creates Global Classrooms with 4K Video System
4 days ago
A young Silicon Valley company says its new suite of digital conferencing products offers “a completely new approach to video and to cameras,” and at least one instructor says the technology has (more...)
1 week ago
A project at Penn State World Campus immersed teachers into a virtual classroom as part of a graduate-level special education course. Students could use a virtual reality headset to watch 360-degree (more...)
2 weeks ago
Perhaps the newest frontier in education is the ardent effort that is now underway to transform the lives of over 3 million residents. These residents live across all fifty of our states. Most have (more...)
2 weeks ago
The federal government needs to invest more money and resources in edtech research so that schools can adopt new products that are proven to work, according to a new study from the Curry School of (more...)
3 weeks ago
A new survey reveals that an overwhelmingly large amount of educators–89 percent, to be exact–said they found value in ed tech such as augmented reality and virtual reality.   Read (more...)
3 weeks ago
Penn State World Campus is using 360-degree videos and virtual reality for the first time with the goal of improving the educational experience for online learners.   Read (more...)
3 weeks ago
In higher education, videoconferencing and telephony have helped to push the boundaries of what a traditional classroom might be. At Michigan State University, telepresence robots let distance (more...)